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Energy and Earth Sciences Council

Research in alternative energies started in 1950 in the Sudan, with the building of a number of air- mills in the Gazera area for supply of drinking-water, for human consumption. In 1972 the Energy Research Institute was established, and in 2001 the Institute was affiliated to the Ministry of Science and Technology, and became responsible for supervision of relevant research programs sponsored by SAS.




  • The Energy and Earth Sciences Council provides opportunities for higher qualification in advanced and essential technology, offering opportunities for new specializations required by the real developmental needs in traditional energy research; such as electricity, oil, and natural gas. Also in new renewable energies, and its production and utilization for surface and artesian water pumping, earthquake and earth stratification mining and other socioeconomic and environmental studies.                       
  • Close linkage of research with the actual development needs.
  • Widening the scope of specialization in the fields of energy and earth sciences.
  • Ideal utilization of resources in the fields of energy and earth sciences.
  • Programs Available by Research:

  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Petrochemical Engineering
  • Renewable Energy
  • Programs Available by Courses:


  • Petroleum and Petrochemical Technology  
  • Renewable Energy Technology