University Marketing and Communications

Main Objectives of SAS

1. Contribution to enhancing the security and development of national wealth by adopting research projects, studies and programs relevant to the needs of the socioeconomic endeavors of the Sudan.
2. Academic training of students and awarding of post graduate degrees.
3. Encouraging the academic staff and research students affiliated to the Academy to carry-out scientific research of applied nature, in areas endorsed by the approved national research plan.
4. Production of innovative technologies for the benefit of the Sudanese community, in coordination with other higher education and research institutions. This is to achieve the national endeavors for development.
5. Giving special attention to science, technology and development in Arab, African and Islamic nations
6. Strengthening relations with productive corporate, in both the public and private sectors.
7. Offering consultations to the productive sectors.
8. Contributions towards the enhancement of performance of civil servants through proper training.